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Shipping & Delivery


Carved for Christmas uses USPS and UPS as our shipping providers to the United States and Canada. We primarily use the least expensive ground shipping option but offer faster services to meet help meet our customers' needs. Once the order has been placed and the product is ready for shipping, a shipping label will be generated, and a tracking number will be provided through an email notification.


The choice of shipping options will be available at the checkout, and the price will vary based on the number of products ordered, the size, and the weight of the shipment.


Damage During Shipment


A shipment safety precaution on our end, we photograph the product and package when ready to ship. If the product is damaged in shipping, it should be photographed by you, the customer and a claim should be opened with the shipper. Once the claim has been opened with the shipper, open a damaged shipping claim with us by sending an email to, and we will be glad to share the pre-packaged photo along with the shipment box photographed at the time of drop-off.


If you fail to note the possibility of damage on the delivery receipt, you may find working with the shipping companies difficult. If hidden damage is discovered, USPS gives 24 hours to report it, and UPS provides 48 hours to report any damage to packages left or concealed damage. After this time, it becomes difficult to obtain relief without a lot of effort and diligence.


If you have ANY concerns about damage, I strongly encourage you to call the shipper's local terminal and speak to the manager about your concerns before the driver leaves. Carved for Christmas is NOT responsible for shipping damage. The shipper accepts responsibility for your order once shipped. If it is damaged en route, it is the shipper's responsibility. However, we want to ensure our customers receive products promptly, safely, and undamaged. If there is a problem, we will do everything to help resolve any issue so you have a good experience.



Carved for Christmas

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